Personalized Training

While our telephone and electronic support and training are included in your monthly access fee or annual support fee, some clients have asked for customized personal training for their business team members on site. We will travel to client’s offices, per their request, to offer training classes for their office staff, with a minimum of (1) day of training. We can accommodate both large and small groups, and will customize training classes to meet all experience levels. Please contact our office for available dates and pricing.

Custom Reporting

Each ExpressTime database comes with over 100 reports that make employee, business, and payroll management much easier. However there are business situations that warrant the need for having a custom report built for your individual business. One such occasion is the need for a custom built payroll export report if the payroll company used is not one of the many export reports already included. In cases like these, we will write a custom report for a your business so you get exactly what you need. To learn more about our custom report writing services or rates, please contact our office at 1-888-457-7978.